How to use microKEYs with your Chromebooks – 6 Simple Steps 5/1/2018


The KORG MicroKEY is a compact USB MIDI keyboard that is ideal for classrooms. These are perfect for rooms or programs that may not have the availability for a full lab, but has the resources of iPads or Chromebooks.


The KORG MicroKEY is an outstanding MIDI controller that is offered from a 25 key version with models ranging in size all the way to 61 keys. With an octave controller, modulation wheel and even a blue tooth option this MIDI controller is becoming a staple in many classrooms across the country.


So here is the most common question...“How do I get sounds from this MIDI controller?” The easy answer is, through your software. Not sure what to use? Try awesome programs like GarageBand for Mac and Apple products, Noteflight for PC, Mac and Chromebook or one of our new favorites, Soundtrap. The MIDI controller will trigger whatever sounds your software has available. Here are the six simple steps to getting started with Soundtrap:


1.     Plug the MicroKEY into the Chromebook

2.     Go to

3.     Create a free account for each student

4.     Enter Studio

5.     Create a new track

6.     Choose your instrument and start playing!


If you have a classroom with Chromebooks, adding microKEYs can change the landscape and creativity of every student. Interested in making your own lab with microKEYs?


Check out our microLAB solutions here and request your own custom quote to see what it will take to outfit your classroom!