Korg USA’s Tiffany Stalker Elected to Technology Institute for Music Educators Board 4/10/2017

Melville, NY – April 10th, 2017 – Korg USA’s Senior Manager of Education, Tiffany Stalker, joined the Technology Institute for Music Educator's (TI:ME) committee as the Secretary of the Executive Board effective March 2017. Stalker, who has spent over fifteen years actively helping schools and communities build programs to improve engagement with students, teachers and parents, will bring her expertise over to TI:ME to contribute ideas to grow the non-profit agency. For the last five years, Stalker has been responsible for developing a strong brand image for Korg Education and SoundTree which will aid in her tasks to attend company events, fundraisers and functions, as well as provide support to various departments. Stalker will be present at all TI:ME meetings to help organize the company’s goals and agendas.

"Tiffany's years of experience in education, the music industry, and marketing make her a valuable asset to the TI:ME Executive Board,” says John Mlynczak, TI:ME President. "Her positive attitude and natural leadership skills are ideal for continuing our growth as an organization,” he continues.

Founded in 1995, the mission of TI:ME is to assist music educators in applying technology to improve teaching and learning in music. Learn more at www.ti-me.org

To learn more about Korg EDU, visit http://education.korg.com/.