How To Make Your Own Ringtone Using GarageBand 5/21/2018



This is a fun and exciting project that allows students to not just be creative but showcase their talented creation on a regular basis. Whether your student is the next Paganini or loves samples and loops this project is sure to make any student proud of their musical talent.


For this activity, you will need GarageBand, an iPhone and your imagination. It’s best to keep these clips short (well under 45 seconds).




1.     Open the GarageBand app on the iPhone.

2.     Tap the [+] button to create a new song, select your choice of instruments to use, and get ready to create.

3.     When you have completed the idea for your composition, record the audio by tapping on the red Record button, then tapping it again to stop the recording.

4.     Tap the downward pointing arrow icon in the left hand corner and choose “My Songs”


5.     Select the song you just created and choose the Sharing icon in the corner, it looks like a box with an arrow pointing out of it.

6.     Choose “Ringtone” from the sharing options


7.     Name the ringtone, assign the artist name, song name, etc. - Then tap on “Export”

8.     Choose one of three options to assign your newly created ringtone: Standard Ringtone, Standard Text Tone or Assign to Contact


9.     When done, exit GarageBand and be proud of your masterpiece!


​Helpful hints...

- You can always change your Ringtone or Text tone at any time.

- This can also be done from an iPad, iMac or Laptop.

- Have fun mixing and using effects like delays and EQ’s in Garageband to create fun and exciting sounds.

- Do not put a limit on your creativity.