About SoundTree

Teaching with technology has become the standard way of delivering instruction in the 21st Century. Many of the students that come to our classrooms today are being prepared for careers that don’t yet exist. This unknown path is sure to include technology and today’s schools have embraced the latest tools and technological innovations for delivering enhanced instruction. From interactive white boards to multimedia computer labs, technology can be a powerful tool for educators but knowing exactly what you need and the best ways to integrate it into a classroom can be daunting.





SoundTree, the educational division of Korg USA, was founded 25 years ago to provide educators with innovative ways to teach music in a group piano environment. Since that time, we have grown to become the leader in music technology in education, as well as providing expert advice and services for the Pro Audio, Video, Dance, Language Lab, and Classroom Technology needs of educators. Our dedicated staff has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire technology implementation process. SoundTree is your one-stop turnkey solutions provider for all of your technology needs.





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